Minerva and Prince Zuko Born 1/23/2020

Nefertiti and Prince Zuko  Litter Born 10/27  (all reserved)

Aoeife and Crowley Litter Born 10/17 -  (all reserved)

Calliope X Crowley Litter Born 9/25 (all reserved)

 Lady Luna X  Pippin Took Born 7/26 Litter of 5

Goldilocks X  Loki Pairing June 2019 - Born 7/25 Twins 

I Want Chandi X  ObiMay 2019 Twins! Born 6/12/19

Reserved for Dylan & Amy

Reserved For Prickly Potato Hedgehogs VT

Nandi X  Largus - TWINS  BORN  3/5/19