Bathing Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs do not need to be bathed often. In the event that they self-anoint a lot or get dirty some other way, then bathing them is a simple matter. Just fill a sink with about 1 – 2 inches of warm water and use an old toothbrush to wash out their spines. The best type of soap to use if needed is a gentle tearless baby shampoo. Soap is not needed often or recommended more than 2 times a month since it can start a dry skin condition that would otherwise have never started. Be careful not let their noses go in the water when you first lower them into the sink or they may inhale the water which can lead to pneumonia in extreme cases.

Most often it is just a hedgehog’s feet that need to be cleaned after a night of running on his/her wheel. Just a half inch or less of warm water is all that is needed in this case. Just let them walk around in the shallow, warm water for a couple of minutes and their feet clean up really well.

In the case of hedgehogs living in very cold or arid climates (like up north in the winter or the western US all year), you may need to give occasional oatmeal baths (Aveeno Oatmeal bath is a good choice). Some types of heating are more dry than others, as well, so pet owners in other locations may need to do this as well. However, before opting to use any soaps or lotions to cure dry skin we recommend using a humidifier in the room where the hedgehog is kept. This often is all that is needed and is better than the other option that you would have to constantly repeat since it fixes the problem of the air being too dry to begin with.