Hedgehog Information

Click on the following pages to learn more about African Pygmy Hedgehogs and caring for them as pets:
Please Note: All information given about the Care of Hedghogs is for educational purposes only and does not substitute for the opinions of, or need to consult, a licensed veterinarian when a health issue arises. There is no substitute for proper veterinary care and we always recommend that you consult your veterinarian immediately about any health related issues that arise with your pet. DreadHogs holds no responsibility for any outcome when a licensed veterinarian is not consulted immediately.

All information in this section was compliled by long time APH breeder Shannon Orth of Dreamflower Meadows (DFM)  It represents the committment Shannon put into educating the public about Hedgehog care. Shannon Retired From Breeding in 2018 her information pages are published here with her permission and our graitude.

Domestic hedgehog color definitions are ever evolving I've tried to provide what I believe are the best current color definitions, these were written by AmyHood of Hood Petz