Dreadhog's deluxe "Plug and Play" Hedgehog Home

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Only available when you purchase a hedgehog from us. This deluxe hedgehog home is everything you need for your hedgehogs comfort. We take all the guesswork out of making the perfect hedgehog habitat so you can literally take your baby home without a single worry about what they need. This is what you will receive:

Jumbo size Cage, 2 fleece cage liners, fleece toys, fleece pouch, Carolina storm bucket wheel, 2 dishes for food and water, house, thermometer, Heat regulator, heat lamp stand, ceramic heat lamp, ceramic heat bulb.

The home is truly "plug and play" we assemble everything for you, and it is ready when you pick up your hedgehog. (Please let us know if you want a home when purchasing a hedgehog so we can begin construction)

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