The Girls


NANDI DOB 1/29/18 is a Black Pinto with Badger Stripe face markings. A real Beauty and named for the mother of Shaka Zulu, Queen Nandi. She is a friendly Hog who enjoys napping with people.  She is the foundation Mamma of Dreadhogs.



Obi-Wan DOB 3/7/18 is a dark grey with snowflake.  The most laid back Hedgie I know he literally radiates "dude" energy. I have never seen him 'Pop" he enjoys the company of humans even in the daytime.  Named for the Sage Jedi who had a gentle yet powerful mastery of the Force.

I Want Chandi "Chandi"  DOB 11/6/18: Also coming to DHOG from PMHH is Chandi. I fell in love with this girl at first sight! I litterally drove 20 hours each way to go pick her up! PMHH gave her the litter name Chandy so I changed one letter to give her the name of one of the most powerful Hindu Goddesses Chandi, the hater of Evil and the most spectacular of all personifications of Cosmic energy. Energy is RIGHT this girl is full of it and personality plus! like Obi she is extra friendly and just loves people. She is lots of fun to be around.


Luci DOB 9/17/16 Luci was my first Hedgehog, a Pinto Apricot she is not pedigreed, Named for Negan's Bat Lucielle. Luci is a pet only but serves as resident grumpy hog and deserves recognition for everything she has taught me about Hedgehog Husbandry and personalities.  I think of her as the Dreadhog Mascot, she likes hanging out with Nandi, and will tolerate me on occasion.  Will not even think about un-balling for the vet.

Peregrin Took DOB 8/15/18 "Pippin" comes to DHOG's from PNC Hedgehogs in Kansas. He is a beautiful chocolate pinto with a little nose that looks just like a chocolate kiss.  He is named for  the youngest member of the Fellowship of the Ring, the sometimes impish and playful and sometimes quite serious Pippin. 


Loki DOB: 12/6/2018  - A Brown pinto, With beautiful dark eyeliner, elf ears and a split face mask - this boy has all the chrome! We Kept the name he was given by Itizy Bitzy Exotics because it seemed to fit him well. He is named for the Marvel Comic Character created by Stan Lee. He is a bit on the shy side but warms up and will come out to explore. 


Goldilocks DOB 1/20/19  I was going  to name this beautiful girl Zlatovlaska as a nod  to the darker versions of the folktale from which her name comes. However the idea of having to pronounce Zlatovlaska all the time made me decide to go with the more familiar English name. Goldie is stunning! a bit shy at first  but once she is being handled she is super friendly. I am totally in love with this girl! and grateful to Hood Petz for sending her to dreadhogs - she is "Just right"


Roland of Gilead DOB 1/26/19  Looking at my boys I thought "I don't have enough Dark! Enter Roland named for the protagonist of Stephen King's Dark Tower Series. We acquired Roland  and  Luna From HBHH in KY.  It was like getting Yin and Yang. 

Prince Zuko DOB 2/20/19  comes to us from Red Velvet Hedgehogs in KY.  He is an a friendly boy who enjoys cuddles and exploring.  Dark Grey with a stunning mask free face and odd-eyes. His odd eye look was the reason we named him after Prince Zuko from the Avatar series. 

Lady Luna DOB 1/26/19 What is more feminine and mysterious than the magical glow of moonlight? Luna was the perfect name for this stunning silver dilute pinto Also From Hillbilly Hedgehogs in KY. 


Calliope DOB 3/20/19 is a full face brown from HBHH in KY.  She is amazingly beautiful   She is also a very sweet hedgehog. a true muse indeed!

Jareth .jpg

Jareth DOB 4/19/19 dark and handsome with nearly a full face mask except his cute eyebrows comes to  DHOG from RVHH. Named for the goblin king, however not nearly as likely to steal a baby (unless the baby had a mealworm). My favorite thing about Jareth is his extra fluffy tummy!

Aoife .jpg

Aiofe DOB 4/11/19 I fell in love with Aiofe the minute  I saw her heart shaped mask and mismatched ears. She was bred by Hawthorne Hedgehogs. I gave her the name of a warrior princess. Although I think she reflects Aiofe's beauty more than her fierceness.


Mawu DOB 4/26/19 I'm a sucker for eyeliner and face patches I fell in love with Mawu the first time I saw her. She is named for an African creator Goddess. One of our three from Top Notch Hedgehogs. 


Nefertiti DOB 4/22/19 Did I mention how much I love eyeliner? Nefertiti reminded me right  away of the beautiful Egyptian queen. A bit shy when first picked up she warms up pretty quickly. Nefertiti came to us from BBH Along with Mulder. 


Cassandra Of Troy DOB 5/18/19 Cassandra came to us from top notch with Mawu and Crowley. I had the plane transport coming anyway and  I have a lot of oak and brown in my herd why not get a face patch brown  girl? and I am so glad because she is such a little snuggle bug!

Minerva2 .jpg
Mulder .jpg

Fox Mulder DOB 4/1/19 that hopeful face and inquisitive  attitude plus the 4/1 birthday made me think of Mulder. This gorgeous boy is from BBH - I'm  a sucker for eyeliner and face patches and/or freckles. Mulder is also super friendly a quality that I prize  as highly as looks.

Crowley DOB 5/13/19 Dark full face Crowley is a sweet  boy we named him Crowley well...because it's the perfect name for him. He is one of a trio of hedgehogs that come to us from Top Notch Hedgehogs. 

Azeraphale .jpg

Aziraphale DOB 7/25/19  Born here at DHOG's this boy had the most amazing light golden color and mask. We are excited to see how he develops.  He is named for Crowley's angelic counterpart. 


Zaphod Beeblebrox DOB 8/11/19 - Gorgeous Apricot odd-eye from Red Velvet Hedgehogs. I don't know if he has a Zaphod sized ego, but he could. He's all that.  

Minerva DOB 6/6/19 I love Minerva's asymmetrical tri badger stripe, It makes her face intriguing. She's a medium brown color with no pinto.  Minerva comes to DHOG from Hand's Hedgehogs. 


Pachamama DOB 8/16/19  I love Pacha's color and nice badger stripe! you wouldn't know it from this picture but she is also a little speed deamon.