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this is where I'll share my insights and adventures as a breeder of African Pygmy Hedgehogs. I'm Also hopeful that I will be able to share good information. APH are not a "thing" that exists in the wild. Breeders have created them from two African Hedgehog types the Algerian and the White Bellied over the 29 years since wild hedgehogs were imported to the USA between 1991-1994 (about 80,000 of them). The Pygmy part comes from the fact that our domestic Hedgies are smaller and more compact than their charming European counterparts. Breeders and exotic vets are still working out what works best since our pygmy hedgehogs have not been domesticated for a very long time in the larger scheme of things. This is one of the things that I love about being involved at this very critical juncture in the breeding of APH in the United States. It's why I set high standards for myself as a breeder, so that I can help create a companion animal that is a joy to own. Hedgehogs are cute, unique, fascinating and sometimes frustrating. Owning a Hedgehog is an adventure in discovery.

Luci my First Hedgehog

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